Creating is an expression of who I am, as an artist it feels natural to me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to do what I love. I find inspiration in everything from ladybugs to the smile in someone eyes, texture, stones, wood, animal hides and flowers.

I am a self-taught designer, who started making jewelry for myself and soon after got the attention of friends and public alike. Alana Gillespie jewelry and accessories began in 2006 and was originally named Isabella Styles. Isabella Styles was named as a tribute to a very influential woman in my life, my Nana, Isabella Norris who embodied class and style.

I create pieces that I want to wear. Each piece is completely handcrafted with a mix of quality natural elements that radiate power. Natural materials are perfectly imperfect, as we all are. These imperfections are the very things that add special character to the pieces.

Working with natural materials allows for variations in each piece, making every item distinct and unique, just like you. I create  classically modern pieces that are interchangeable allowing you to go from day to evening, weekday to weekend. Allowing you to express your unique personal style, by enhancing whoever you choose to be.

Ladies, it’s all about YOU. YOU are God’s gift to the world. Make your mark, leave your impression, accept your truth and live on purpose. My accessories are designed to enhance all that you are. It’s not the accouterments that make you it’s you being who you are purposed to be that make you. Every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful.

You were created to be amazing…Always be amazing!

Alana Gillespie

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